Sunday, March 04, 2012

Somebody's Having a Birthday!

I bet if you took a few minutes out of your day today and made me a little card, I might have a great mail day on Thursday...

But enough about me!  Here are photos of my kids!

He's smiling!
Nolan is smiling at us, chattering, and even imitating us when we stick out our tongues.  He's so much fun.

We don't forget about the big one.

Nolan posing with a new blanket he got today.
 That is what he wore to church today - cool plaid shirt and jeans.  So stylish.  And this is what he wore last week:

Bath time is a new highlight.  He's been in the big tub for a few days now; we usually do this each night before bed, and it's one of dad's favorite times of the day.  Even if he's fussy in the evening, he's pretty calm for this.  The best part is when he's on his front and kicks his legs like a frog.

We had the baby photographer come this week - interesting to see his set up and get a few ideas, but lots of cheesy stuff.  Don't think I'll be ordering much, if anything.  I did book us a shoot with a great photographer for this summer, for when M is 13 and N is 6 months.  I hope those turn out awesome.

What I'm Reading - this is my 10th month of recording what I've been reading.  I began to do it partly because I like finding lists of books that others are reading, to get new ideas of what to look for, and thought some of my readers might appreciate the same.  I'm not much of a reviewer, but try to give you some idea if it's something you might want to pick up.

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