Monday, April 02, 2012

Latest Obsession

My favorite thing to do online lately is find free journaling cards for my scrapbook.  I'm using the divided page protectors (photos to come sometime soon!) and have seen lots of project life freebies out there, so I've been collecting...  Some are png, so I can open them in Photoshop and add my journaling there, and some are pdf, and I'm just printing them off.  I'm pretty sure I'll use both kinds, but probably the printed ones more often - I'm a grab-the-paper-and-write kind of girl.  Since I am using Photoshop on a regular basis now to make my smaller sized photos (two 3x4's or 4 2x3's saved as a 4x6 is only 19 cents, and can be ordered online from home, as opposed to the 32 cents to do the smaller sizes manually there on the machines. Win-win!), I can open up the files and print them off along with my photos.

Here are some of the files I've saved, along with where I found them, in case you're interested!  They would be great for all kinds of things, too, not just scrapbooking.

This is from This Kalil Life - she's making a free printable each week this year.

 These are part of the 60 free journaling cards from Miss Tiina.

These great ones were found on My Sister's Suitcase.

Let's Talk cards from Scrap Tales.

I just printed off six pages from Creativity Prompt - there are lots there to choose from.


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