Tuesday, April 10, 2012


This post is coming to you live from over the border, and I've got a fun 'first' to share with you. First, a couple of shots from the weekend.

We did not have a lot of snow this winter, and it's been an early spring, so what snow we did have has been gone for a while.  This is what we woke up to Saturday morning.  There always has to be one last snow...

This is from Easter Sunday.  Highlights were that Nolan got to meet another aunt and uncle and two cousins, and we found out that there's another cousin on the way!!  K & J are due in November - it was good timing that I took along the bag of maternity clothes she had loaned me!

M and N having fun with the mirror in our hotel room today.  We came down into North Dakota on Monday, along with half of Regina according to the border crossing guard.  The kids do have the week off school... I've never done the Minot shopping thing before, and we came this time because Sean needed to pick up some car parts - they didn't ship to Canada, so he had them sent to a parcel pickup service here.  We decided to made a little trip of it and get in some family time since he had to come anyway.  We went as far as Minot yesterday and walked the mall to check out what they had that was different than home.  This morning we checked out the Hobby Lobby and then hit the road for Grand Forks.  Sean will get his goods tomorrow morning, then we'll explore here for the day, and head back to Minot for another night, then head home Thursday.  A short drive each day is not too bad with the little guy, as he does sleep most of the drive time.  He is being very accommodating about not getting too fussy, since we are either all together in small spaces, like the car and the hotel room, or in public, like shops and restaurants...  He does have his moments, of course, but it could be way worse!

So the big first - since were are staying in hotels, with pools, we thought we'd pack his swim stuff and see if it worked out to get him wet:

In the swim pants and cute bathing suit...  It's size 6-9 months, and fits him great!  (Yep, he's not even 3 months yet.)  They have a good kiddie pool here that was a decent temperature, and he did great.  It was just like a big bath, except he didn't get quite as splashy.  Enough to get it in his face, though!

Of course M liked the kiddie pool too.  I took N back for a bath and bedtime and the other two got in more swimming and hot tubbing.  Our little road trip is turning into not a bad little vacation.

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MOM said...

The pool pictures made me think of the days I used to take you kids down to the pool at the Courts when you were babies - good memories.