Sunday, April 29, 2012

Nolan Photos

Nolan got to use his swing for the first time.

New tricks - rolling onto his side...

and grabbing toys.  This has been a fun week!

Grabbing with the hands and the feet get in the action, too.

Reaching for and holding Mommy's hand.  {melt}

Hugging the giraffe - so cute! - and showing off his blanket from Portugal.

He played himself right out.  Still holding the dragonfly...

Awesome tummy time - he's so strong.

We had a Chapters date & picked up some books for Nolan.

My favorite shot of the week. Love his cuddles.
He started grabbing things about a week & a half ago.  How fun to see him interacting with all the toys he's been given.  Another big thing from this past week is that we've begun going to a Fit for Two swim class.  It's a drop in class that's offered twice a week; this week we went twice and I think we will again this week.  Not a bad workout, and while it is a big job to get there with him fed and not tired (!), it's worth it, especially when I have a friend going with me.

Madeline had a full weekend; Friday night to Saturday noon was their 30 hour famine with youth group.  She raised $57.50 for that, mostly just in the last week; she had been focusing for the last couple of months on raising money for the MS Walk, which was this morning.  They had a good time, and we're pretty proud that she raised $450 for that. 

Thanks for looking and sharing our joy!

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MOM said...

Thanks for the pictures. I don't know if they make me feel better or worse, though. And ask Madeline to email me with story of her famine and her walk.