Thursday, April 19, 2012

Three Months Old!

Nolan is 3 months today - what an awesome little boy we've got.  Love every minute with him.

He's learned something new this week - yesterday he grabbed his soother when I held it up in front of him, and then grabbed his teething ring.  This morning I tried holding a few different things in front of him and he grabbed them all.  He's been grabbing his blankets and stuffing them into his mouth, and he also has been pushing his soother back in when it slips out but is still close, but this moves him officially into the next stage.  So big.

On Monday we went and got Nolan's first shots.  He was in good spirits when we got there, and didn't cry too much with the first one, but the second one was the painful one, and he had some good screams for a few minutes.  Poor little guy.  Thankfully that was the only reaction to it... he was fine and happy again pretty quick after, and he didn't have any side effects.

I finished the last of the album pages this morning, so watch for that post tomorrow!

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