Sunday, May 06, 2012

Layouts & Rollovers

National Scrapbook Day was a success, I'd say.

  • Nolan did well hanging at the church all day, eating, sleeping, pooping & entertaining.  He rolled over for the first time, which made for some good excitement.  I'm glad I remembered that my little camera has video capabilities!
  • Madeline came with me and a friend joined us for the afternoon.  They made a couple of layouts, and did some good shopping at the giveaway table.
  • Sean got in 18 holes in the morning and spent all afternoon putting up our new garden shed!
  • Success for me was not measured in quantity of layouts... but I did finish up a few pages in my geocaching album and in my pregnancy album, so those are up to date.  That's all I got done, but it was still good to be there.
So here's what we've got to share.  First, the latest two in Nolan's album - I will do a full page of his first swim to go in between these.

The two that Madeline made yesterday:

These next ones are the new pages that finish off my "Baby On the Way" album.  You can see the first ones here.  I should do something with the cover, then it will be done.

I think I'll leave it there for now and post the whole geocaching album soon.  
Thanks for looking!

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