Saturday, May 12, 2012


What a wonderful day it's been. Sean went golfing at a crazy early time this morning, and M got picked up before 9 by her Gramma to go to a worship dance workshop, so I thought it would feel like a normal weekday. It didn't, though.  Nolan went back down for his first sleep just after M left, so I started my day off with a little scrapbooking. It's Saturday - a play day, not a work day! I got two layouts made that I really like, then Nolan woke up and Sean got home, and the rest of the day has been good family time and lots of backyard time. We just came in from the first backyard fire of the year.

Here are the two pages from two weeks ago - some weeks have one page worth of shots, and some have two. I have last week's page (a single) done, too, except for the one picture that's missing... I thought I printed it, but I guess I must have missed that one. It feels good to be keeping up with this project. There are a few other full page layouts that I want to stick in, but they'll come.

Top center is the front of one of the many cards we got.  Great space filler!

The little cut out Nolan makes me laugh.

I love this one.

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