Sunday, May 13, 2012

Thanks, Mom.

Thanks, Mom.

You raised the three of us to believe that people matter, and that quietly making time for others while you go about your business is the best way to live.  You taught us to use our imaginations and be creative; to be curious and to 'look it up!'  You modeled how to put others first, but at the same time not to back down when it comes to right and wrong.  (Why do I feel like I'm writing a eulogy?)  I appreciate all the adventures you took us on, and that you made everyday stuff into adventures.  Thanks for all the times you said no (Really?  The bathing suit with the zipper down the front wasn't a good idea??  Even if I sewed it shut to avoid accidents?) and for all the times you let me make my own decisions and mistakes.

Thanks for laughing at me when you realized I was in third, not first, and that's why I couldn't get the car started at the stop sign without stalling.  Oh, I mean for being patient when teaching me things.  Even when I was an impatient learner. ("Okay, I get it - I don't want your help any more!")

Your homemade card is in the mail.  You should get it tomorrow. (I learned that remembering people is important, but I didn't learn how to consistently get cards in the mail on time.  Oops.)

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MOM said...

Awww. You almost made me cry :} But nothing makes me happier than to see what wonderful adults our kids have turned out to be, except maybe seeing what spectacular grandkids you all have produced!