Thursday, January 17, 2013

Maddy's Fundraiser

Madeline's class is going to Winnipeg in February for Festival du Voyageur, and they have asked parents to help with fundraising; planning steak nights and stuff like that.  This is my contribution.  If we raise more than what M needs, the rest will go to the class fund.

Maddy's Fundraiser

My Mom likes to sew, and she is offering the proceeds from all January sales
to go towards my class trip to Winnipeg.

Magic Bags: $12 Wheat filled microwavable bags, also great stored in the freezer.
Perfect for around the shoulders, or to throw in the foot of your bed.  18”x6” 

Coffee Cozies: $5

Bean Bags: $5 for set of 3.  Perfect for juggling and a million other games.

To Order:  Please email Carolyn at
You can pick colors and we will make arrangements to get them to you.

Thank You!!  

Added:  These are the coffee cozies currently in stock, and the options for magic bag covers; now it's easy peasy to order by number!!  There are more coffee cozies on the way in brighter fun colors, too.


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