Thursday, January 24, 2013

Taking Ownership

For the last number years the idea has surfaced a few times about Sean buying into the business where he works.  One of the three owners was looking at retirement, and shares would be coming available.  When we had first seriously considered it, the timing was not right, and the financing wasn't coming together as easily as it should when God is behind it... you know how sometimes things just fall into place and sometimes there is just one difficulty after another?

A year and a half ago we started in on the process again, and after a few stalls and a few changes, we are pleased to let you know that Sean is now a part owner of Wilkinson Diesel Services!  He is still doing much of the same actual work as before, but now has the added responsibilities and perks of management / ownership.  I know Sean has always been an asset there; it'll be interesting to see where they are at in 5 / 10 years with him in this new role.  I'm very proud of him!

My favorite part of the story is God's timing in it all.  When we were deciding whether to grow our family or to stay content with one wonderful child, income was a factor, because if we did have a baby, I wanted to stay home.  If you chop your family income, you then have to chop out some of the extra spending, right?  We decided it would be worth it (and I had faith that things would work out... somehow!) and I LOVE that the final papers were signed and everything - including a new salary that more than makes up for my lost income - took effect at the end of last week.  Exactly when my mat leave finished.  Exactly at the last minute / no overlapping / perfect timing.  God's timing.  Perfect.

So now we have this:

 AND this:


Justus Smith said...

Very, Super Cool!

Suzanne said...

God is great! And that picture is pretty terrific!

Nicole said...

Congrats!!! That is very exciting for you guys. LOVE the picture!!! Sooooo cool. How ? Mirror? Not of the truck.hee hee Tho is that one of the perks? That would make it a pretty cool picture too!!!

Carolyn Ward said...

Nicole - yes, I took a bunch of shots with the camera in the mirror - not all of them were this great... Most of them were not great at all. Love digital!

And that is the shop truck - I imagine he should drive it around some for the advertising... :)