Monday, January 21, 2013

The Birthday!

Cakes decorated!
House decorated!

Presents out - just waiting for my friends!

We invited Anna and Ty - Nolan's two closest friends.

He liked the singing and that little bit of fire.

He got Dad's help to blow it out, and was disappointed when the fire was gone.

Ha ha - my own little car!

It's soft!

I squished it!

So strong!  This is how he treats other food, too.

What?  Eat it?  (Everything ELSE goes in his mouth...)

Try some.

Yep, I like that.

All done.  Nice beard.
So we had a fun little party with a couple of friends... that morphed into a houseful of family who came to help celebrate.  Thanks to all who came!

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MOM / GRANNY said...

Looks like you had fun. Wish we had been there. And I loved the cakes - great idea having a special little one for Nolan.