Sunday, January 06, 2013


A couple of times over the years I have chosen a word for the year, inspired originally I think by Ali Edwards and the fad that her 'One Little Word' is: (check out her post of all the words that people have chosen this year).  Picked in January, it's a word to focus on through the coming year, something that helps you stay on track to become the person you are wanting to be.  In 2010, my word was core; in 2011, abide.  Last year I didn't choose one, but I think one chose me: mothering.  There was the balance of maintaining a marriage and parenting a teenager as well, but mostly meeting with a positive attitude and love all the demands of a newborn.  It was a great year.  Yes, it was challenging at times - traveling, sleeping - but overall wonderful.  The outside myself part of the year centered largely around neighbors, and the creative side was sewing and making an album, Project Life style, for Nolan's first year.  I enjoyed all that, too.

This year?  I think it will be a lot of the same, but I also think that this year won't be just all 'eat sleep poop' and I want to make sure I know where it is I want to be going; who it is that I want to be; what it is that matters most to me.  I looked over the list of goals I have stored handy on my phone, and the word for this year that seems obvious to me is RELATIONSHIP.  I want everything I do to be contributing to building relationships; with my husband and kids, family, friends, neighbors, play date moms and book club girls...  The relationships are the point.

What is your January habit?  Do you choose a word?  Make resolutions? Set goals?

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