Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Huge Family Heirloom Denim Picnic Blanket Quilt

Well, it is pretty big, it is denim, and it is meant for the picnics I've dreamed of having on it... but family heirloom? We'll have to see if it lasts or not!  And if either of my kids are sentimental... that might play a big role in that question.  :)  Actually, I don't think 'denim' and 'family heirloom' belong in the same sentence.

Ta Da!!

Can you find the two pockets??

Throw on a toddler for perspective...

Had to throw this one in.

The back - a fun splash of color.

The End!
I didn't handstitch a blind binding on it - too much work for what it's on.  I sewed it on the back first, then when I flipped it around to the front, I was just careful to stitch close to the edge and cover the first seam.  So the back has a line of stitching that shows around the binding, and I am just fine with that.

I'm done just in time, because I hear a toddler awake in his crib... poor guy is a little sick and his coughing woke him up an hour too soon.  We'll have to have a mellow afternoon making cookies and supper.  He loves playing in the kitchen (flipping 'steaks' on the griddle, and imitating Sean's timer he uses for flipping stuff on the bbq), so it should be an ok couple of hours until we have to go get Madeline from soccer camp at the University.  She had a good first day yesterday, but came home TIRED.  Ha ha - it'll be a good week for her.

Love you all!!  Thanks for visiting!


MOM said...

Beautiful! I think heirloom is a great word for it, even if it wears out and frays and comes apart in places. You could still use it in the trunk as an emergency blanket like I do with the first 'quilt' that I made. But I'm sure yours will last better than mine did - it was made from scraps of old clothes and things, so the material was already pretty worn out. The frayed pieces still remind me of stories about the original clothing.

Love, ya',

simplysarah said...

Congratulations Carolyn!

As a quilter, I know the joy and sense of accomplishment that comes from finishing a quilt, especially one that has taken waaaay too long to finish! Here's a funny thought for you as you consider whether you call your quilt an heirloom or not. My grandmother was not a quilter but picked up a simple quilt made out of polyester pantsuit squares. She paid $3 for it at a garage sale. I remember using it for picnics in the back yard when I was a kid. It is nearly the only thing I have from her since she has pasted. It is ugly and warn but it gave the warmest feeling when I used it this summer for a picnic in the park with my son. You never know, I firmly believe that once finished, quilts have lives :)


Nicole said...

That is AMAZING!! And HUGE!!! Very,very cool. I am quite sure it will be an heirloom. Especially with the denim cause it should hold up a long time!!!

Carolyn Ward said...

Thanks, Mom and Sarah and Nicole! I put some stuff in my trunk today and smiled to see it in there...