Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Top Ten Things To Know About Me

Every so often I try to rethink my blog and the purpose for writing.  I'm not a mom blogger or a food or craft or scrapbook or faith blogger, even though there's a bit of all of those in here.  I decided that 'Telling Our Stories' was actually a pretty good tagline for what I do around here.  I came up with these top ten things to know about me to replace my 'about this blog' page and the 'my story' page that just never got written. 
  • I am a Christian, so everything I experience and do is filtered through my relationship with Jesus. 
  • I was widowed at 30, and left with a four year old.
  • I am happily married a second time, and am a stay at home mom again with a daughter just starting high school and a toddler son.
  • I am an introvert (INFJ) and would happily stay home most of the time.
  • I value relationships and so I also happily get out of the house for playdates and book club.
  • I like to sew and to make money off the things I sew. (Check out my shop?)
  • I like to stay fit and try to eat smart.  
  • I like to sit and read and eat cookies, too.  It's all about the balance...
  • I scrapbook and make cards, and am trying to write more letters and send more mail!
  • I blog to stay connected with family (I moved 6 hours away from mine, so they can't see my kids every day) and friends, and to share our stories.
If you know me, is there anything on this list that you didn't know??
If you don't know me, what types of posts do you most enjoy reading??

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