Friday, August 16, 2013

What they're like now: 14 & 18 months

Madeline at fourteen
  • likes doing her hair and experimenting with it
  • struggles to find clothes that are trendy enough to make a style statement and yet are still within our modesty requirements
  • has more freedom - a later bedtime, can go out with friends on her own, can walk or bike to farther places on her own
  • has more responsibility - she babysits a little, has money coming in, has a bank card and a system for making sure she doesn't spend more than she makes
  • is still social - she misses her school and soccer friends as it's been hard to connect over the summer, but has got in some good cousin time, and has had a good time making new friends at soccer camp
  • is a little nervous about the first days at high school, and about going to senior teen since her junior teen week at camp got cancelled.  Back to being the youngest...
Nolan at a year and a half
  • loves kitchen 'toys' and will happily play with pots and pans and the big spoons - his latest favorite is the griddle and spatulas and flipping the dishcloth steaks / pancakes, saying "Hot! Hot!" and mimicking Sean's timer for going out and flipping the burgers on the BBQ. 
  • is finally sleeping through the night for the most part.  He'll still wake and cry occasionally around 1 am, but can usually just fall right back asleep.  It's been a long journey to get here!
  • is weaning - we're down to just one bed time feed...
  • loves his monkey pj's and will keep the monkey shirt on as long as he can in the mornings
  • loves running water - the hose, the spray pad down the street, the taps in his bath and while we're brushing our teeth
  • and brushing his teeth: Winnie the Pooh on his toothbrush (the dentist gave it to Madeline to give to him!), and now toothpaste of his own - Thomas the Train
  • is a big fan of trains - toot toot!  He has a few train books that we read regularly.
  • has awesome hearing, whether it's the trains two blocks away, planes in the sky, or the back up beeps of construction trucks or garbage trucks, he notices.


Nicole said...

Where is M going to highschool? Ez is a bit nervous of his first day too!!There is only 1 highschool here tho so everybody he already knows will be there.

Carolyn Ward said...

Nicole - she'll be at Thom. There are limited options for French Immersion, and it's pretty close. Thu city bus only goes the middle third of the way, though, so we have to figure out the best way to get her there... haven't timed the walk yet.