Friday, August 30, 2013

Reminders in the Garden - Part Three

After the snow, the city cleaners come and sweep the streets, but after a few months, dirt and leaves and garbage blow in and make it grimy looking again.  Nolan and I were out front one morning and I grabbed a rake and a garden bucket and we started cleaning it up.  Lots of it raked up, but then we had to go get the brooms to pick up the rest.

And it got me thinking...

Sometimes in our lives, areas can get dirty or cluttered simply because we don't notice a gradual build up.  Too much internet time?  House cleaning?  Not enough quiet time each day?  I find that all of a sudden you just notice - maybe Someone brings it to mind? - and it's not too hard to jump in and want to make it right. It's a quick fix, a simple decision to change.  But then comes the follow through, and the realization that it's maybe a bigger job than you thought.  Maybe you ignored that voice suggesting you 'clean it up' a little too long and you need to do more scrubbing than you expected.  Has that ever happened to you?

Keep it up!  Good habits in life (and in keeping up the yard!) take continual reminders and motivation.  Find new ways to stay motivated, picture what you want the end result to be, and be encouraged!  The dirt drifting in happens to everyone, but we all have the resources to make changes for the better.

I should warn you: getting one area cleaned up will lead to you noticing other areas that need changing. :)

Thanks for reading my Reminders in the Garden this week!  Here are Part One and Part Two if you missed them.

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