Saturday, July 04, 2009

Home Again

and SO looking forward to sleeping in a real bed. Camping was good. It always it, to get away from all the routine of home, to relax, eat differently, see new things, exist in nature, soak in the sun, see animals...

We are home, unburned (low 20's all week, it rained only on Friday), unbitten (though there were lots of big stingers that threatened) and unstressed. We saw deer, but no bears. I know, that's a good thing, but we were hoping! Duck Mountain is a great place - I'd recommend it! But maybe don't go over a holiday. It was blissfully quiet for the first half of our stay, then on Canada Day the partiers and the families moved in. The partiers were loud at night and then the families were up and loud bright and early. Ah, yes. Great combo.

We have a new Canada Day tradition. Last year we were camping over Canada Day at Spruce Woods in Manitoba, and we headed in to Brandon to see the fireworks, since you can't do fireworks in a provincial park. This year we headed off down the road and ended up in Roblin, MB, where we took in part of their festivities, including a concert by a crazy good 12 year old (or so) fiddler and M got to bounce and slide on the inflatables. We didn't stay for fireworks, but it's a fun habit that we might continue, to find some random little town to join for Canada Day fun.

I'll upload our pictures tomorrow and share some. Love you all!

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MOM said...

welcome home - missed your thoughts