Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My 3 favorite foods. And an update on life.

Sunflower Seeds.
Honey Nut Cheerios.

That order changes, and as far as real food goes, Pizza and Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins are tops. :)


I got a message on the phone today from the camp. Yeah, the one that is looking after my kid this week. They said she's fine, but they wanted us to know what was going on... Hello? Yeah, fill me in! They took her into the hospital yesterday because she hurt her wrist. Doing handstands in the field. She went over the wrong way and hyper extended it. Just a sprain. What a dork. (I say that lovingly!) Handstands are her new thing. And now, as if camp wasn't memorable enough, she's got a hospital trip and x-rays to remember this year by. They said she's got a tensor bandage and is icing it, but that her counselor said she was scrambling up the gravel pit with the rest of them no problem, so she's good.


We have confirmed that Darren Andres is coming to join our pastoral staff this fall doing Adult Ministries; now that it's confirmed, I can tell you about MY change! The boss is going over my draft of what I'm going to send out to the young adults tomorrow, so as soon as I do that I will let you in on the news. How's that for leaving you hanging?? I could spill the beans here first, but we haven't nailed down the title, and that might be a good place to start. So I'll leave you hanging and you can check back tomorrow!


I finished 3 layouts yesterday - one just needs a dragonfly embellishment, so as soon as I find that I will take pictures and post them for you. Two from camping, one from racing. I'm excited to share!


Since M's away, it's date week. Monday we went out to a new restaurant for dinner, and then to a friend's for a bonfire with a bunch of people. Yesterday we went to Starbucks in Chapters for a drink and some browsing. Tonight we're out to a dessert place with a bunch of friends, and then tomorrow night we'll be packing to go to family camp. Maybe we'll get done in time to take a walk to Tim Hortons... And with M going to Winnipeg after family camp, we'll have date week part 2 next week! We are still newlyweds, you know - it's only been 2 1/2 years! (Although we'll still be dating when we're old and grey...)

Leave a comment:
What is your favorite date night date?
Did you ever have to go to the hospital from camp?
What are your favorite 3 foods?
Are you excited to hear what my new job is?


Violet said...

Well, I have never left camp to go to the hospital but I did break my wrist on a snowboarding field trip with my grade 7s one year. I even got to go in an ambulance (a student was also hurt in an unrelated incident).


MOM said...

Remember when we had to stop at the hospital after picking you up from your Grade 5 trip to Churchill. You had scraped your knee on some gravel filled with coal dust while waiting for the train. We needed professionals to clean it out.

And, yes, I can't wait to hear about your new job. And am counting sleeps (1 more!) until we see you guys at camp.

Anonymous said...

I had to go to the hospital during junior camp with a burst ear drum- hurt like crazy! And Darren is from Dauphin! Did ya know that! Say hi to him and Christine for me. As well, Jess has photos from me for you. And if you haven't figured out how you will get M. back home from W-peg- my plan is this- you and Jess both drive 4 hours to me, scrapbook together and than get your kid- Perfect Plan!! Have fun at Family camp- wish I could be there. Lisa is running the town street fair right now- going well. I can hear the music from the Library! And what's your new job??