Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Pictures and Layouts

Here's my girl making herself eggs for breakfast. She's good at eggs. Sean had her cooking on the camp stove last week, too.

Here's the new flowers out front. Nice and colorful!

Here's two drowned rats after our walk this morning. It started raining when we were at our farthest point, let up enough for us to play at a playground for 10 minutes, then came down pretty good, with lightening and thunder! Fun. Carla knew we were headed out for a walk because we had talked just before we left, and she called my cell while we were walking to see if we needed rescuing from the rain. Nice, hey?

And now some layouts. I did this first one two weeks ago, but hadn't opened my bag since we scrapped last, so got a nice surprise yesterday - a finished one!

The journalling is about the all-nighter they did as Girl Guides and how she crashed in the morning.

This one says "one nice spring day, two friends, one mom with a camera. May 10, 2009"

And this just says "Canada Day 2009 - camping at Madge Lake in Duck Mountain Prov. Park" She made the one on the left and mine is the one on the right.


Robin said...

Hi Carolyn thanks for the congrats. I love the look of your blog! wow, your little girl is growing up. Baby is so cute! He is a peanut. Facebook me and check out some pics.

MOM said...

The sandcastle page brings back good memories of playing in the sand with you and your sibs - one of the neat joys of parenthood!

Alexis said...

I love the landscaping you did (a few posts back...I've been away). Your home looks so...homey now.

Alexis said...

ps... follow my blog? It's kind of lonely...

milkcan said...

Wow, I love that "Awakeover Aftermath" layout. So simple and chic! Beautiful!