Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Visit

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So my parents came out for a quick visit (and brought along my nephew who's the same age as M). We had a rainy cool couple of days, so spent it indoors mostly; we went to the RCMP Heritage Center yesterday and to the Science Center today.

The photos above were from the RCMP place; I didn't take my camera today but got some shots on my phone (I tried to upload them but they are not cooperating) of Levi, Madeline and my dad on the gyroscope. Fun times, oh my goodness.

I asked everyone their favorite part of the visit:
Mom - playing with the puzzle on the floor with the kids. (We picked up a new 500 piece today).
Dad - the steak dinner last night (but the spaghetti tonight came close!)
Levi - the Science Centre (and the gyroscope thing)
Madeline - "Spending time with family." Awwww... sappy kid.
Sean - the fact that they came (we don't get very many visits from family).
Me - getting my dad on the gyroscope. hee hee - he wanted to. I just asked the girl if there was time for one more since lots of the kids in line had bailed out before their 2 minutes. Madeline was last in line, so there wasn't a crowd or anything. She said sure, and Dad said (to me) you better hope I don't hate you for this! Ha ha - he was glad he did it.

And one more story. The first thing I noticed when they got here was that MY DAD GOT HIS EAR PIERCED. How crazy is that? When my brother got his done my dad didn't speak to him for two weeks! He wants to get a cross earring to wear, because he didn't want to get a tattoo. That's funny. That's awesome.

Thanks for coming, you guys!


Jessica said...

I'm glad you guys had fun. Levi was pretty thrilled to go. And I had a great time with Solly.

HoJo said...

lol...that is awesome about your dad!