Friday, July 24, 2009

Milestone Day

Today is Madeline's 10th birthday. A big milestone - double digits! We had a great day together, and I should have spent this last hour blogging and sharing pictures, but I was catching up on other blogs I read and getting inspired... So sometime soon I will be back with something for you. Fair warning though, it might make you cry. I'm almost, just thinking about it all.

God is good and life is beautiful; He redeems all the junk.

We're off to Saskatoon to the races tomorrow, then Sunday after church M is off to camp for a week. I'll be packing in many hours at work while she's gone; I don't take my full quota of holidays off, but rather spread them out over the summer and work less hours each week. The weeks and days she is elsewhere is when I try to get as much done at the office as I can. (And I'm loving that she likes Play Escapes - a free drop-em-off-to-play city program - that helps me get the hours in, too.)

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