Tuesday, July 21, 2009

She Names Things

On our camping trip, Madeline named the dead fish floating in the lake near where she was swimming Bob. (Bob got removed by some park rangers, and I think she was a little sad about that.)

She named the dragonfly that she saved from drowning Moses because she rescued him out of the water. She then proceeded to build her sandcastle one handed for the next 10 minutes while he recovered enough to fly off.

The leech that attached itself to her heel was Fred. (M: "Get it off!" Sean: "Do it yourself!" Me: the hero that grabbed it off with a towel.) I think he was named AFTER the fuss.

The dragonfly that landed on her shoulder and stuck around to visit became Billy.

And the chia pet that the kids got to make as a craft was Leah.

Until the grass grew. Then it also became Bob. Cause, you know, girls don't have facial hair.


Granny said...

Hey Madeline - I love you, goofy names and all. Thanks for the fun time last week.

Karen said...

My Martha Stewart tip of the day... (although I'm not sure she would go camping)... to get rid of a leech the easiest thing is to dump sand or salt on it. Then it shrivels up and dies!

Great pics, looks like you all had a great time!!

Alexis said...

Hehe. Cute kid.

Congrats on being done your papers!!!!

Jessica said...

She cracks me up. I like the fish named Bob. Happy birthday M!