Sunday, July 05, 2009

Today we


It started out with me saying yesterday that maybe on Monday I was going to get some pots and flowers to put out front. Sean suggested we go look around at some stuff this afternoon, so we did... nice to have him around to help decide stuff like that. My 'pots of flowers' plan turned into 9 packages of wood chips, 80 landscaping bricks, four paving stones for under the fire pit, 6 solar lights and 2 decorator thingies for in front of the deck. Oh, yeah, and 4 pots of flowers - already done and colorful!

You will see pictures soon, but not yet, because I am working on school work. Soon. I promise. Now you have to come back! ha ha ha........

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Jessica said...

I missed reading your thoughts while you were gone. I like how you used green for the landscaped stuff. Very fitting!