Saturday, August 22, 2009


I golfed 18 holes today. This has happened exactly once before in my life. That was 18 years ago. When I was 18.

The story then: Grade 12 phys ed. We each had to teach something to the class; I taught horseback riding. A couple of the guys took us to the driving range then golfing - I had to miss the golf day for some reason, so to make up the credit, I went with my dad and his golfing buddy Howard. We did the full 18, and I remember it being a cold miserable day. I was trying to think of excuses to get out of the back 9... Sorry, Dad, but that's not my favorite memory.

Since then: I went once in college, Melanie and I and Dale and Jerry, I think it was. We made it to the third hole then gave up and left to do something else.

Present day: I have gone to the driving range with Sean a few times, and have been open to going with him to a real course, but it's never happened till now. His friend Jeremy threw a tournament/party for his staff and some friends, and invited us. I knew there would be at least one friend I knew there that golfed as much as I did, and we were happily paired with Brandie and Steve. Plus it was a Texas Scramble which means you all shoot, then pick the closest ball and all shoot from there. So no pressure at all. We all ended up having some shots we played from, and didn't have to ride Sean's success for every one! There were a few holes that had extra prizes riding on them; Sean won the men's closest to the pin prize and I won the ladies farthest drive prize!!! I was pretty impressed with that!

Sean likes golfing with his wife. I wouldn't be surprised if I found a set of clubs under the tree this year.


MOM said...

You're doing better than I did. I still haven't developed a taste for golf.

Karen said...

If your comment about finding clubs under the tree is a hint for Sean, you may have to be more direct than that!! ;)

Jessica said...

But does Carolyn like golfing with her husband? And does she want clubs under the tree?

Carolyn Ward said...

Carolyn likes the idea of golfing a few rounds with Sean each season. Carolyn doesn't like the idea of spending lots of money on clubs; she'd be fine with a garage sale model for now!

Carolyn is also planning on golfing with Carla and Lori someday soon.