Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Techno Bloopers

Tonight I thought I'd submit some of my scrapbooking layouts to a magazine that had a call deadline tomorrow. It's been a long time since I submitted anything (except 2 specific ones last month), so I was on the computer for a while, sending 19 different layouts in.

The problem is that I usually use the desktop at home. It's just more comfortable than our laptop. But when we got the laptop, Sean was in the habit of using the computer in the evenings, and I would use the laptop sitting in the comfy chair in the office. So we started putting all our pictures on that one. Cause I used it more. And I do more with the pictures.

Then he discovered the couch. Couch + laptop = new evening routine. Which leaves me the desktop. Whenever I want it. So this evening I was on the computer (and Sean was in the garage doing car stuff) when I decided to submit some of my stuff. So I called up the site to refresh myself what they were looking for, opened up my email, and got stuck. Because my layouts are on the OTHER computer.

So I left this on with the page call list handy, and opened up the laptop on the desk, and got busy emailing and submitting, submitting and emailing. I think EVERY time I went to open a new email I grabbed the mouse - for the desktop. Does nothing on the laptop. Nevertheless, I continued grabbing it, right till the last email, which is about when Sean walked in and burst out laughing.

I turned to see what he was laughing at and yeah... I looked pretty funny sitting here at two computers at once. He said, "I'm going to clean up a bit and then... can I have a computer?"

Technology makes life so much easier. Yeah, right.

(And I don't have high hopes of getting published, but you can wish me luck anyway!)

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MOM said...

That is like me when I am doing the books at the church and then try to make a phone call. Did you know that the key pads on phones are opposite to those on calculators? Makes me feel dumb when I can't find the right number.