Thursday, August 27, 2009

No. 175

By the numbers:

This is post # 175 on this blog, which I've been writing since November 11/05.

I wrote 5 posts in 05. 0 in 06. 16 in 07, 40 in 08 and 113 in 09.

There have been 3321 visits by you in the last 11 months - I started keeping track September 27, 2008, about the time I started writing a lot more.

My visitors (since May of this year when I started keeping track) have come from 13 different countries.

I have made lots of style changes, and had 3 (at least) different names for this.

There are 39 labels of things I write about.

The most comments I have had on a single post was 7. That was 6 posts ago.


Please leave me a comment with a number in it that has to do with your day today.

Also please leave a comment and let me know if you follow this blog in a reader of some sort (because if I follow YOUR blog, it's through Google Reader and you probably don't know I follow... so I'd like to know who you are that do!)

And thank you for reading. It's a little more motivation to write knowing you're checking in.


Heather said...

4 - August 27th marks four years of being married to Josh, and they have been a wonderful four years!!

I check your blog about everyday, and always look forward to hearing what's going on in your life! I guess you could say I'm one of your followers :)

MOM said...

Today is the 5th and last day of our Summer Lamplighter program. We are having our wind-up barbecue and pool party here after the clean-up so am hoping it warms up a bit more! I check your blog every time I check my email and I love you very much!

Jen S said...

Four is the number of hours I slept this afternoon trying to prepare for my night shift, three is the number of times Kadence rang the doorbell during the above four hours, and seventeen is the approximate number of times I woke up! But it's all good! I check out your blog almost daily and I love reading about what you have going on...makes me feel closer!

Karen said...

The number 25 applies to lots of things for me:
*the number of times I've said no to the new puppy n probably an hour
*the amount of weight I'd like to lose by Christmas
*the date of my fav holiday - Christmas
*the number of things that I need to accomplish today!!
*number of loads of laundry I've done in the past week
*number of children I'd like to find sponsors for :)

(You know I had to throw that last one in!) :)