Friday, August 14, 2009

Family Photos

A couple of weeks ago my family was all together at a family camp for the weekend. It was so good to be all together. Here's a group shot:

So good. That's us with our girl, my brother Clayton and Jen and their girl, my sister Jess and Dave and their 3 boys, and Granny and Papa in front.

This is what always happens when the Schneiders get together. A pile on - the more bodies the better.

Here are the 5 cousins. I love love love all these kids.

Now a pyramid - a nice shot, not the one with Solly kicking Levi in the butt and Granny's finger pointing into the shot. Although that one is too funny... I should post it.

And, they are true Schneiders!
Thanks Jess for all those pics. I didn't have my camera with us for the big shoot, but I didn't think we needed 3 cameras going; two was plenty.
Finally, here's one I took of the cutest girl ever pointing out the dragonfly on the tent:

Check out this link to see pictures of our girl and her McCall cousins. The England branch is in town for 2 weeks, so Carla arranged for a photographer to take some shots out at the homestead. I'll post just a sample, then go check out some great shots at her site: Valley Portraits.

Hopefully someday soon we can get a shot of the Ward cousins all together - there are 8 of those, so a little harder to get everyone in the same place. That would make a nice grouping of photos somewhere in the house, hey? Three cousin shots? I'll have to get on that...

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