Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 Goals or Resolutions?

Do you have any new year traditions or routines as far as making plans or goals for the year?

In past I have chosen a word for the year.  I have over the years set goals for the different areas of life (physical, mental, educational, professional, social, etc), but not usually as a new year's exercise.

I came across a list of questions to help you make some goals that I thought I'd share.  She uses the categories of Personal Growth, Physical Health, Marriage & Family Life, Goals for Your Children, Money Matters, and Relationships Outside the Home.  There are a lot of good questions to help direct you to what you can plan to do to make this a great year.

I have not thought through any goals myself... and I don't know if I will.  It might not hurt, though, since my life will be very different this year.  The one goal I have planned for?  To lose 40 lbs.  :)

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Nicole said...

No fair!!! You get a head start on the 40lbs weight loss and a great prize too!!! And looking at your last post you are defenitly all baby!! You look fabulous. I don't think you will have any trouble!!! Can't wait to hear when he/she is born. We'll be praying for you. Our super good friends just had their first before Christmas and we get to meet him on Thurs. Super excited....they were trying for quite a while so he is the answer to lots of prayers.Can't wait to see the nursery post!! Love all the other reno's. You guys are amazing!!!It looks GREAT!!!