Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Week Old!

The public health nurse just left - she said Nolan is back up to his birth weight!  10 lbs 6 oz exactly today.  He was a touch lighter when he was born; at the hospital they rounded down to 10 5; apparently the conversion from metric to imperial is not exact.  He`s healthy and doing really well eating, sleeping and pooping.  :)

I was awake at 5 am and was remembering a week ago waking up and knowing it was time - a whole week of amazing with this little boy.  It`s been a week of getting used to a new normal, for sure - and a normal that will keep changing and being unpredictable for a while.  That`s ok - we`re rolling with what he wants quite well, I think.

Mom and Dad stayed till Monday after supper - it was great to have them around, and especially for that transition to `regular`days with Sean at work and M at school.  The last 3 days on my own have been great, though.  He sleeps all morning, and I sleep as long as I can, then get in a bath and some breakfast.  He wakes around noon for a good few hours up.  Yesterday was fun with a bath, some floor time while I did some exercising, and a little photo shoot.  I do have lots of pictures, but haven`t found the time to put them on the computer yet.  I aim to get that done soon and have them up here to share, but sleep trumps most everything else, so I won`t promise when (even this post is taking me 3 tries at the computer!)  Saturday when the family is home might be a good bet, if I don`t get to it before.  Right now he`s laying awake and happy on the couch beside me.  We did exercises again, put on some laundry and read a story; it`s been another good day.  

We went on our first outing last night - left M home to do homework and went to Costco and the grocery store for a few things.  Nolan slept the whole time, so it was uneventful that way - I wore some clothes I haven`t fit into for a long time, got some fresh air after being in the house all week, and got in more walking than I have in a while, so it was good for me.

I`m feeling not too bad physically - giving birth is definitely a traumatic experience on a body, but there is hope in sight that I may recover.

One night was a little tough - didn't get enough sleep going into it, I guess.  The last couple have been good;  last night Nolan was only up once!  We went to bed before midnight, then he woke up at 2:30 and went back down at 5:30.  I woke next to Sean's alarm going off, then later to M setting the timer for piano, which was good, because I do like to go down and check on her and make sure she's set for school.  Nolan woke shortly after, enough to eat and wave at the bus to all M's friends, then go back to sleep.  I also went back to sleep, but had to get up around 10:30 - I've got a nasty headache in the back of my neck that makes staying in bed tough.  So I fit in my bath first thing while he's still asleep and now am eating my cheerios...  If today is similar to yesterday, he'll wake up around 1 or 2 for a few hours.

Later - he woke a little earlier than I thought, we had a visit from the nurse, he ate, and there was still some good time in the day, so we went out to visit at work!  Not bad for a first outing on our own.  Other than I loaded up the car and then realized I forgot to put my contacts...  And then when I reached into the back for my purse, to get my sunglasses, I elbowed the car seat pretty good...  Minor glitches.  :)

I think I leave it there for now and actually get this posted - watch for photos soon.  Thanks for reading!!

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