Monday, January 09, 2012

Photos of the Basement

We had a great Sunday relaxing at home yesterday.  We played dice on the comfy clean new carpet in front of the fireplace...  Nice to break in the basement and have some fun down there.  They even had a good wrestle session.

My new space shares the end with the drums.  Everything is put away (except for a few things on the other side of the basement); it's nice to be able to use it instead of organize it now.

And the view with the fireplace. 

And here's a shot of the new piano, and M doing her daily practicing.  Not as nice looking as a real, large, wooden instrument, but it sounds way better, fits better, and we're pleased with it.  Now we have to find art or something to fill the big wall space above it.

Realized that I didn't have a current belly shot on here, so here you go.  This was taken Dec. 23 - just over 36 weeks.  I'm almost at 39 now, and baby feels like a full grown baby in there.  I'm into the last week of work & everything is coming together there and at home.  Just a few things to pick up and we're set.

Coming soon... nursery photos!

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