Monday, January 16, 2012

Nursery Pictures

As promised, here is a little tour of the baby's room. Sorry, no gender spoiler with the colors... 

Standing in the doorway, to the right is the crib, a used-for-one-child unit from in the family.  It's very nice & in great shape.  Beside it you'll see the first of many boxes of diapers... we went out and renewed our long lost Costco membership mainly just for those.

The color on the wall is a mushroom brown - the same one we used in the kitchen.

Looking the other way,  the 'buffet' dresser, painted a chocolate brown - the same color I used for the backs of the steps when we took off the carpet and did the hardwoods.  So both colors we already have in the house and know we liked.  The rocking chair is one that Madeline's grandpa Doug was rocked in as a baby by his mom, Great Grandma Olive.  The afghan on the chair was knitted by my Granny Van Raes.  There is a similar afghan in the crib, knitted by my Grandma Schneider.  Nice to have touches from all of them in this room.

In the corner are the second base for the car seat; one is in my Escape already, and the car seat itself is downstairs with the hospital bag, ready to go.  Beside it is a bath tub and a Snugli.  On this side of the dresser is a diaper genie - one of the few 'must-purchase-before-baby-comes-home' items.

Looking from the window, you can see the closet organizer we got - should help with keeping all the stuff in order.  The green matches the green of the crib sheet set that it's made up with - my favorite set from when M was crib-small.

And the final corner has the 'hutch' bookcase, also painted chocolate brown, and stocked with the few kids books that I saved for this possibility.  The buffet and hutch set I believe was in my Granny's house, and then became my mom & dad's when they got married.  It was painted a lovely late 60's green and stayed that way until just a couple of weeks ago.  It has been in M's room as a dresser and bookcase for years, but with the bookcase on top of the dresser; she had a desk on the other wall.

So there you have it - the grand tour.  The room has a decent blind, but needs curtains.  It also needs some decals or artwork on the walls - it's looking pretty plain now.  Plain but beautiful, and full of potential.  Can't wait till the little one gets here and it becomes a room that belongs to someone with a name and personality.  Any day now.


Nicole said...

Love it!!! You must be soooo excited. Can't wait to see it filled. (I did notice what looked like a blue blanket on the organizer) Of course you may have put it there on purpose to mess with people like me!!!hahaha

Carolyn Ward said...

You did see blue - old pee pads that my mom made for M out of an old towel. Good eye, but it means nothing - ha ha ha!

MOM (aka Granny) said...

Wow! Looks wonderful and neat and tidy. Will it stay that way when the little one gets to rummaging around in stuff the way Madeline did?

The brown (used to be green) cupboard and shelf used to belong to Terry & Kris H. who had gotten it well used from some family member and refinished it when they were first married. We inherited it when they moved to the States over 40 years ago and we used it in various places, including your bedroom, until we handed it off to you. I have no idea how old it must be but it sure looks great now.