Monday, January 30, 2012

Nolan Pictures!

Nolan's first photo - with big sister Madeline in the delivery room.
(She wasn't in there; she came in after.)

Nolan & Mom

First Bath!  Mom & Dad tag teaming it - he wasn't too happy!

Love seeing them cuddle.


Love this face.

Sunny day photo shoot in the laundry basket.

...and a profile shot.

Napping in the crib - he started sleeping nights in here at one week.

Just playing around with the camera.

Love this one.


One week old.

"He's hugging me!"


deb ash said...

He is Beautiful!! And so is Madeline!

Nicole said...

Love the pics....keep them coming!!!! My fav is the foot. I am a sucker for baby feet.(future soccer cleat feet) You are gonna have so much fun with him. M and dad look to be thoroughly enjoying themselves. He is a blessed boy!!!Since we are so far away...I love this blog!!!Thanx for posting.