Thursday, February 11, 2010


This was our day today:

Breakfast (me)
Treadmill (45 minutes walking and reading)
Breakfast (Madeline)
Out for groceries
Back home to make sandwiches
Out to Sean's work to take him a sandwich (we found better things to do last night than me getting lunch food)
Then to the Bible bookstore to put something from work on the bulletin board
Then to the Girl Guides store to get M a new uniform because she outgrew the old one
Then to the Legislative building to check out the gift shop (to see my wares up for sale and to check out their purses) - but we didn't go in because there was no parking and a demonstration in progress on the front steps.  We'll try again later.
Then to Fabricland
Then to the hospital to visit the Grandma
Then to the car wash
Then to the library (you can only take magazines out for one week now!)
Then to the eye doctors for M's appointment.  She has 20/15 vision, which is better than perfect.
And now we're home.

If I knew when I made her appointment that she had no school today, I wouldn't have made it for 3:45 and made us stay out all day.  Half of those things would have gotten cut! 
Supper is in the oven and I'm crashing relaxing.
She's done piano and is packing her overnight bag to stay at Grandpa's while we go out for dessert with our friends.  And next she'll do the dishes.

My sister and her husband left today for Israel.  I hope they have an AMAZING trip.

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