Sunday, February 14, 2010


Sad news - Dick Francis died.  One of my favorite authors.

Happy news - My first cousin once removed (we pride ourselves in running an accurate blog here) had a baby boy today.  Congrats Sherri and Anson and welcome baby Darian!

Informative news - thanks to Megan Fox and body double rumors surrounding her Superbowl ad, I now know that my short stubby thumb is called Brachydactyly type D (BDD).  I still prefer "Grandma Brown Thumb."  My great grandmother had thumbs like that, two of my aunts also did, and one cousin and I each got one.  I admit, I used to hide it in junior high, but in junior high doesn't everyone want to be completely normal?  And think that everyone else notices everything about you? 

Valentine news - We dropped Madeline off at KBK for winter camp on Friday night, (and when we got back to town we checked out the new Walmart Supercenter and stocked up on munchies for Saturday.)  Saturday we drove to Manitoba to go snowboarding at Asessippi for the day.  It was a very good day.  We stopped at the farm and had supper with Sean's parents on the way back, which was also good.  This morning church was good (because church is what you bring to it, not what you get out of it, right?), and now Sean is off golfing.  I'm sitting here writing and enjoying the sun and in about 5 minutes will head off to pick up Madeline.  Then we'll all head out to have dessert with our small group.  A good weekend all around so far, and because tomorrow is the Family Day holiday here, there is lots more good to come, I'm sure!

Please leave a comment with some happy, sad, informative, Valentine or random news of your own.

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