Sunday, February 07, 2010

layouts and a new 'do

M wanted a cut - this will be easier for her to look after, being quite a bit shorter and thinned out.  She still managed to have it in a ponytail for church today, though. Another view:

I don't think I've done any 'real' scrapbooking - one page, rather than a whole project - since the retreat in October.  But that's what I took Tuesday to hang out with the girls (and found out another one is booked for this year's October retreat!  I think that makes three times the number of us that went last year - good times!)

I started a couple of pages there, and finished them last night.  I've been having a good time down in my studio lately, rearranging and getting inspired again.


Auntie Jen said...

Cute haircut Madeline!

Granny said...

Madeline, you are beautiful!

MOM said...

What does the writing on "play, giggle" say?

Carolyn Ward said...

The journalling says, "Madeline was accidentally tickling Grandma's feet as they sat around playing, so Grandma turned the tables and attacked. Raelene was quite concerned about what Grandma was doing to Madeline, but with a little explanation and encouragement, she joined in. After, she helped Madeline get put back together; I think she was checking to make sure she really was okay."

Ans thanks for asking - I found TWO mistakes in there that I have to go fix now... :)

Carolyn Ward said...
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