Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Self - Punishment

The night before last, Sean and I woke up at 1:30 AM to an alarm - I go in to Madeline's room to turn off her alarm, since it wasn't either of ours, and of course can't do that in the dark, so I pull the plug.  The wrong one, then the right one, and the alarm is still going off.  
"It's her watch," Sean calls.  

"Where the heck is it?" I ask, blind in the dark.

"Try by my hair stuff," Madeline says, awakened by the alarm or me, I'm not sure which.  I find it, and by now it has stopped, but I take it down two floors in case it goes off again.

Back to bed, and Sean says, "It took me SO long to fall asleep..."  Oops - somebody's going to be in big trouble.  He's off to work before she comes down in the mornings, so he was going to deal with it at supper.  He goes easy on her, just saying that she can have her watch back ONLY IF SHE DOESN'T TOUCH ANY BUTTONS.

So this morning I go in to wake up Madeline, and see that her clock is wrong.  "I'd better change that," I say, "so you're not late for breakfast."

"What time is it?" she asks, and when she finds out that it's actually 7:20, not 7:40 like her clock says, she does the math incredibly fast and realizes that she was in bed with the lights out 20 minutes before she had to be last night.

That's pretty funny, I think.

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