Monday, February 22, 2010


I forgot to post these last week!  


On this one I made a screen shot of a post which you can read here,
and then printed it out to use as my journalling.

And this one came from a little picture I had printed out of a on-the-road shot.  I noticed that we were all wearing colors that matched our eyes, and it made them all stand out.  I've had it around for a while, but got playing with my latte glimmer mist and some big Heidi Swapp ghost letters that I used as masks and found a home for the shot.  I stamped 'dressed to match' and outlined the letters in green / blue / brown using artist markers I got for Christmas over a year ago and haven't started playing with yet.  They worked for this!


And on another note, I came across this site a couple of days ago called The One-Minute Writer.  I forget where I saw it - probably a button on someone else's blog...  I just purged a bunch of stuff out of the house and have a new-again (half gone) notebook on the shelf, so I decided to jump in.  Today's writing prompt was this: "What is the biggest question in your life that you'd like to have answered?"

This is what I wrote:

The biggest question in my life is "Do you love me?"  I already know the answer; I am confident in the answer.  But I still like to hear the answer over and over .  Without the question even being asked. 

(Wow.  Two lines.  In my notebook it was 5 1/2.)
Have a great night!!


Jess said...

I love you Carolyn.

McMGrad89 said...

I am glad I am not the only one who puts art supplies away and finds them a year later.

I also love the one minute writer. It's been a while. I guess I should go back.