Monday, February 08, 2010

you can tell it's Monday... the spoons in the drainboard.

My usual Monday to Friday routine includes doing the dishes in the morning while Madeline is practicing piano before school.  I let them air dry and put them away later while I cook supper.  Tonight as I was putting them away, I grabbed the silverware and thought, "I can tell it's Monday!"  I can tell that because there was one fork, a few knives, and the rest were spoons.  We use spoons for our breakfast cereal and Sunday lunch after church is always soup and bagels; usually on the weekends we're out for Saturday brunch or visiting somewhere or have finger food meals like pizza or chicken fingers and fries... and Monday's dishes show predominantly more spoons than any other day of the week. 

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MOM said...

Does everyone think strange things like this when doing ordinary chores or is it just you and me?