Sunday, February 28, 2010

Monthly Menu

The last day of February!!  That means March starts tomorrow and then my birthday is in one week!  I noticed looking at my fridge today that it also means I need to make a new menu.  For the first few years that Sean and I were married, I used a four week rotating menu; every Monday I'd pull out the next one and make my grocery list based on those meals.  I've gotten off that specific plan, but I'll still make a menu for the week every Monday, and look at the last few weeks to make sure I'm not repeating too many meals.  In February, because I was tired of making a menu every week, I sat down and made one for the whole month.  It's been nice to have that chore looked after; maybe I'll just re-use it for this next month...

Here is a copy of my menu for the month (click on it to enlarge); I hope some of you out there find this is helpful or maybe get some new meal ideas.  Of course, since I've scanned this instead of writing it out for you, you'll see that this is including all our nights out, too, and you'll notice that I made more and more switches as the month went on.  It's harder to project what things come up in a week when you're four weeks ahead.  When making my menus, I have to take in to consideration that I don't always get my groceries on Monday, so something I've already got on hand is safest.  Then Tuesdays, because of piano lessons (and often Wednesdays because of staff meetings), I have to plan something that doesn't need to bake for an hour.  These will be the quicker meals or the crock pot meals. 

Have a great last few hours of February!!  (And GO CANADA GO for one more Gold!)

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