Wednesday, February 03, 2010


One bad and one good for today:

The bad is that M's Grandma McCall took a spill yesterday and broke her collarbone.  She's in the hospital for a while, until a spot is available in an extendicare facility.  This is a sad day, but one we all knew was coming eventually.  We're just glad that it was just a collarbone and not something more serious.

The good is that my magic bags are going to be sold in the gift shops at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum and the Saskatchewan Legislative Building!  Very exciting!  When I got a bulk order before Christmas from a girl who wanted to sell them in her massage studio, I started thinking about retail.  Carla does the books for the Museum and she suggested I try there, since they are all about Saskatchewan made stuff.  So this morning I went down with a letter and a sample for the lady that runs both those shops and she said absolutely.  She's taking half a dozen for each shop now and will double that for the tourist season later in the spring.  I'm going to have to get sewing!  And start thinking 'tourists' in my fabric choices.  (Oh, and I named them 'Perfect Heat' since magic bag is a registered name already.  Don't want to break any copyright laws, you know!)

And speaking of sewing, Kadence got her birthday apron in the mail today.  I forgot to take pictures before I sent it, but they'll send me some of her in it and I'll post them for you.  She's so cute you may not notice the apron, though...

Please leave me a comment with what kind of magic bag you have and your favorite use for it.  :)  Mine has been living in Madeline's bed lately.

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MOM said...

What do you know - I have a famous daughter - first published and now getting known in the seats of power around the province. Isn't it great that sometimes the simplest concepts become the most needed or used or treasured or appreciated.

Love ya'

And send our best to Carol and Doug. We think of them often.